Using the SAMR Model in ELAR: Augmentation Level

The SAMR Model is a framework created by Dr. Ruben Puentedura that categorizes four different degrees of classroom technology integration. The letters “SAMR” stand for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition.

With the growing need for technology in school, this model guides my thinking in regards to purposefully integrating technology to benefit my students.

Schoology Source

Augmentation level

These are some of my favorite tools and tricks for AUGMENTING the ELAR Classroom.

*Stay tuned for the MODIFICATION and REDEFINITION posts.

A. Google Classroom to give feedback on small writing pieces

FIrst, students write examples of thesis statements in Google Classroom. Then other students comment on what makes the thesis statement good / interesting AND how they could improve. After that, students comment synonyms for the ideas or words expressed in the thesis statement so that they can use those synonyms for their topic sentences in the body paragraphs. This helps everyone see examples of great, meh, and not so great thesis statements quickly.  

B. Quizizz / Kahoot / Quizlet Live / Giraffe Karts for GRAMMAR practice. Since grammar is so skill-based, it is perfect for these online game platforms

Some of my favorite grammar-based games are:


Commonly Confused Words

It’s vs. its

Comma Practice

Capitalizing family names

Introductory Elements with Commas

Punctuating Dialogue

Complex or comma splice?


Subject-verb Agreement and Then vs. than


Complex Sentences

Compound Sentences

There vs. they’re vs. their


Quizlet (for quizlet live)

Compound sentences


Subject-Verb Agreement


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